Adam Cordingley

Digital Tachometer

How I made a digital engine tachometer for my vehicle.


I own a 2000 Chevy S10 with an automatic transmission. In order to, I assume, cut production cost, the stock version did not come with an engine tachometer. Being an automatic, it not needed, and so, it doesn't have one. This gave me an excuse to attempt to build my own.
I wanted it to be a challenge, however, so I decided to do it without using a microcontroller (for example, an Arduino).


Main tachometer circuit schematic

Schematic of the main circuit for the tachometer.

optical encoder circuit schematic

Schematic of the optical encoder.

555 timer real-time-clock circuit schematic

Schematic of the 0.25 second real-time-clock built using a 555 timer.